Twitter Mocks White Oregon Militia Men With #YallQaeda And #VanillaISIS


Sometimes, the internet puts forth a gift that so perfectly captures a mood that all you can do is sit back and watch. Enter #VanillaISIS and #YallQaeda.

The hashtags started over the weekend after news that armed protesters and members of citizen militias had seized control of an Oregon wildlife refuge, and news organizations took to using #OregonUnderAttack for tweets about the protest.

Users looking for a more pointed label to mock the largely white, self-declared patriots seized on hashtags like #YallQaeda, which captured what some characterized as the media’s hesitance to denounce the men as terrorists.

“Let’s imagine for a second if this act of armed terrorism was done by black people,” wrote Yesha Callahan, an editor at The Root. “We all know that the law enforcement wouldn’t let this go on for more than 5 minutes. Tanks, smoke bombs, and guns would be immediately drawn.”

Here are some of the best tweets about the protesters: