Wolf Blitzer Says Ron Burgundy Tried To Poison Him (VIDEO)

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer says the popular “Anchorman” movie character Ron Burgundy tried to “poison” him in a new spoof produced by Funny Or Die.

Blitzer joins fellow hosts Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo in detailing Burgundy’s (played by Will Ferrell), transgressions.

“I love my beard,” Blitzer says at one point. “But I would trade it for Burgundy’s mustache in a heartbeat.”

“Burgundy and I hit the national spotlight about the same time,” Blitzer adds in the video. “Today he has the most awards of any anchor. Some of them honestly I think belong to me because they’re literally mine. He just took them off my shelf right in front of me and acted like I didn’t see it.”


(Photo: Funny Or Die)