Woman Testifying In Murder Case Puts Out Cigarette In Reporter’s Face (VIDEO)

An Australian TV reporter’s interview got a bit too hot on Monday when a character witness for an accused murderer put a cigarette out on her face.

It was the last of several outbursts from the witness, who was smoking while pushing a baby carriage down the street: First, a man accompanying the witness ran up and barked like a dog into the reporter’s microphone. Then the woman blew smoke in the reporter’s face, according to video.

Finally, as the pair began walking, the witness swung her cigarette into reporter Alex Bernhardt’s face.

“Get out of my way,” the witness said with a smile as she left Bernhardt behind.

Police have charged the witness with “public nuisance,” according to 7News Syndey.

“Just had a woman stub her lit cigarette into my face at Caboolture Court … Charming,” Bernhardt tweeted later.

It’s not the first time Bernhardt has been attacked by an interview subject: about the same time last year, a man threw a cooler’s worth of water on her after she attempted to question him about a police raid on his home.

Watch the cigarette attack below:

h/t Gawker