NY Police Commish Apologizes To Ex-Tennis Star White Cops Mistakenly Arrested


New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton reportedly apologized Thursday to James Blake, a former tennis star who cops arrested Wednesday after mistakenly identifying him as a suspect in a identity theft ring.

Bratton said earlier in that day Thursday that he, and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio had unsuccessfully tried to reach him to apologize.

Bratton said that an investigation had been launched into the incident, but defended the five white officers involved, saying a suspect in an identity theft ring looked “like the twin brother” of Blake, who is black.

Bratton also said that “race has nothing” to do with the incident.

Blake was tackled to the ground and handcuffed outside his hotel, leaving a cut on his left elbow and bruises on his left leg. He was headed to the U.S. Open and to make corporate appearances for Time-Warner cable. He was previously ranked No. 4 in the world for tennis.

“I spoke to Mr. Blake a short time ago and personally apologized for yesterday’s incident,” Bratton said in a statement, according to a Thursday Reuters report. “Mr. Blake indicated he would be willing to meet with the Internal Affairs Bureau as our investigation continues.”

It wasn’t clear whether de Blasio also spoke with Blake and apologized.