Wikileaks Spokesman: U.S. ‘Obviously’ Responsible For ‘Outrageous’ Incident With Bolivian President’s Plane

Wikileaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson said the U.S. “obviously pressured the European governments” to force Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plane to make an unscheduled stop in Austria Tuesday after departing Moscow. 

“This is an outrageous act and absolutely unprecedented. Not in my memory have I ever heard of such an outrageous incident against a democratically elected leader of a free country,” Hrafnsson told TPM. 

Hrafnsson also said the incident contrasted with President Barack Obama’s prior statements about American efforts to bring NSA leaker Edward Snowden, who Wikileaks claims to be working with, into custody. 

“Compared to what President Obama said a few days ago, that he would not scramble jets for Mr. Snowden, now we see that on a … suspicion that Mr. Snowden was on Evo Morales’ plane, they force him to land and block his flight path. That, of course, is outrageous,” Hrafnsson said.