White House Offers Bear Hug Welcome To Rick Scott On Climate Change


White House spokesman Eric Schultz on Wednesday addressed the Florida government’s alleged ban on the term “climate change” and encouraged the state to acknowledge climate change’s impact.

During the President’s trip to the Florida Everglades to discuss the environment, Schultz was asked about reports that Florida state officials cannot use the terms “climate change” or “global warming” in official communications.

“If it’s not true, we look forward to them contributing to the discussion about one of the most important issues that we face,” Schultz responded to reporters, according to the White House pool report. “If the Scott administration is now joining the rest of us in confirming the impacts of climate change on both the environment and the energy sectors, we welcome that change in position on the governor’s part.”

Florida officials have denied that there’s a policy against using those terms. Earlier this month, a Florida environmental official said the term “climate change” numerous times in an attempt to prove that the ban does not exist. However in a video that went viral in March, a Florida official can be seen repeatedly dodging the phrase during a state senate hearing.