WH Aides Routinely Write Out Error-Laden Tweets For Trump To Browse

AFP/Getty Images

Working in the West Wing requires a bit of familiarity with President Donald Trump’s quirks, like his paranoia of being poisoned and penchant for fast food.

It also requires a close study of his poor grammar. 

According to two people familiar with the process who spoke with the Boston Globe, White House staffers regularly write out draft tweet options for Trump to browse, each including a hand-selected Trumpism — like excessive exclamation points, capitalization for emphasis, fragments and cryptic ellipses.

The intentional poor grammar is designed to keep Trump’s personal cadence alive and well on his Twitter feed, even when it’s not actually the President composing the tweets, according to the Boston Globe. The distinction between a Trump tweet and a replica by his communications staff has become increasingly difficult to decipher, people who closely follow his feed told the Boston Globe.

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