First Wendy Davis Ad Attacks GOP Opponent On Court Ruling In Rape Case


Texas Democratic gubernatorial nominee Wendy Davis’s first TV ad hits opponent Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) for siding against a rape victim in a liability case that went before the Texas Supreme Court in 1998.

The ad, which goes for a little over a minute, tells the story of a woman who was brutally raped by a vacuum cleaner salesman. The woman, the ad says, went to court against the vacuum cleaner distributor for failing to do a background check on the salesman. The state Supreme Court sided with the woman 6-3 with Abbott on the losing end.

“Six judges, Democrats and Republicans, ruled in their favor and they won,” the narrator in the ad said. “But Greg Abbott sided with the company against the victim, saying that the company against the victim saying that the company had no responsibility.

“Thank god this time Greg Abbott lost,” the narrator in the ad said.

The Davis campaign, on Friday, said it had not spoken with the victim before releasing the ad late Thursday, according to The Houston Chronicle. Davis spokesman Zac Petkanas told the Houston paper that the victim had discussed the case before and thought a Democratic organization said earlier in 2014 it might bring up the case in the governor’s race.

Watch the ad below: