Washington Post: Romney’s Response To Libya Attacks ‘Discredit’ His Campaign

The Washington Post editorial board said that Mitt Romney’s attacks on President Obama in the wake of deadly attacks in Benghazi, Libya, and protests in Cairo are a “discredit to his campaign” in an editorial published Wednesday.

The editors criticize Romney for getting the timeline of events wrong, and note that the press release Romney calls Obama’s “first response” to the attacks was issued before the attacks occurred. Romney doubled down on his inital condemnation in a press conference Wednesday morning.

At a news conference, Mr. Romney claimed that the administration had delivered “an apology for America’s values.” In fact, it had done no such thing: religious tolerance, as much as freedom of speech, is a core American value…


As for Mr. Romney, he would do well to consider the example of Republican former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, who issued a statement Wednesday lamenting “the tragic loss of life at our consulate,” praising Mr. Stevens as “a wonderful officer and a terrific diplomat” and offering “thoughts and prayers” to “all the loved ones of the fallen.” That was the appropriate response.