WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Gets ‘Rescued’ From Question About Hillary 2016

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) dodged a question on Tuesday when asked by a local television station whether Hillary Clinton is “the best choice” for the Democratic Party in 2016.

A reporter with Boston’s Fox affiliate WFXT asked Warren point blank: “Do you believe Hillary Clinton is still best choice for your party coming up for 2016?”

“You know, Hillary is terrific,” Warren said, after a brief pause.

“Is she still the best choice though?” the reporter asked. She then repeated the question once more after the senator appeared to have trouble hearing her.

Just then, as Warren began to respond, what WFXT described as a supporter of the senator appeared by her side and whispered loudly, “We have to go inside now. It’s time to go indoors.”

“You’re being rescued. The rescuer is here,” someone in the crowd said.

Watch the exchange below, starting at the 1:58 mark:

h/t Buzzfeed