Republican Activist Won’t Be Charged In ‘Voter Fraud’ Stunt


A Colorado Republican activist won’t be charged for pulling a same-day voter registration stunt in September, The Denver Post reported on Thursday.

Jon Caldara, a Boulder resident, registered to vote in El Paso County on Sept. 7, three days before the Sept. 10 recall election of now-former Colorado Senate President John Morse (D). Caldara’s group, the Independence Institute, was a key player in the fight against the 2013 gun-control legislation championed by Morse.

Caldara did not end up casting a vote in the election.

“The point was not to be that last vote for Morse — as delicious as that might be,” Caldara said at the time, according to the Post. “The purpose is to show how easy it is under the new law to move voters from district to district.”

The state’s attorney general’s office decided not to press charges this week after a three-month investigation. In a letter to Caldara, First Attorney General Robert Shapiro wrote there was “arguable ambiguity within some of the new legislation,” which makes same-day voter registration legal in Colorado.

“I told you what I did was legal,” Caldara told the Post on Thursday, adding “neener-neener-neener.”

Christy Le Lait, the manager of the campaign that supported Morse, had a different take.

“I think (Caldara) got away with voter fraud,” Le Lait told the newspaper.