Utah Senate President Blames ‘Gender Identity’ Twitter Joke On Intern


Utah State Senate President Wayne Niederhauser (R) disavowed a message posted to his Twitter account on Monday morning about another politician’s “gender identity” and blamed it on an intern.

Niederhauser’s account had replied to a tweet posted earlier Monday from state Rep. Jacob Anderegg (R).

“The private Men’s bathroom in the House office building is occupied. Strongly considering a gender identifying change to use the open womens,” Anderegg wrote.

Niederhauser responded with a reference to S.B. 100, a bill that would modify the Utah Antidiscrimination Act and the Utah Fair Housing Act to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

“First supporting SB 100, now switching your gender identity? Just can’t keep up with you. You’re a new man! erm… woman…,” wrote Niederhauser.

Just less than two hours after making the joke, Niederhauser posted another tweet blaming the first post on an intern.

“My response to @Political_Jake at 10:32 this morning was an intern tweet. It does not represent my point of view,” he wrote.

View the full Twitter exchange below.