Utah Lawmakers Call Tossing School Lunches An ‘Abuse Of Power’


A pair of Utah lawmakers are looking to fight a school lunch policy that resulted in the seizure lunches for 40 students whose parents had outstanding balances.

“To me this rises to the level of bullying,” Sen. Todd Weiler (R) said according to the Salt Lake Tribune. “Children were humiliated.”

Weiler and state Sen. Jim Dabakis (D) visited Uintah Elementary School in Salt Lake City on Thursday in response to a Tribune report that the lunches of 40 students were thrown away because their parents owed money to the school.

The lawmakers held a press conference to address the policy. They said the plan on working together to craft legislation to make sure students at the school “don’t go hungry at school” according to the Tribune.

Weiler said someone should be fired over the policy.

“I think it’s an abuse of power,” Weiler continued. “The person came into a school and used her power to humiliate and embarrass children and I think we ought to draw a line and say that’s not acceptable behavior.”