US Border Agents Shoot Canadian Man Waving Replica Handgun


U.S. border patrol agents shot a Canadian man who was waving a replica handgun at them early Sunday at the Ambassador Bridge entrance to Detroit, the Detroit Free Press reported.

The suspect got out of his vehicle near the inspection booth on the Detroit side of the bridge around 3 a.m. and began to walk the inspection lanes waving what appeared to be a handgun, according to the newspaper.

The suspect then refused to drop the weapon after border patrol agents ordered him to do so and instead pointed it at the agents, according to a press release from Customs and Border Protection.

That’s when two border agents fired on the “rapidly approaching” man, CBP spokesman Ken Hammond Sr. told the Detroit Free Press. Hammond said the suspect was hit once in the arm, and investigators later determined that the man was actually holding a replica handgun.

The man also allegedly had a run-in with police in Windsor, Ontario right before the incident on the bridge.

Windsor police said that officers arrived at a parking lot around 2:40 a.m. where the suspect got out of his vehicle with what appeared to be a firearm in his hand, the Windsor Star reported. Officers ordered him to drop the weapon as he walked toward a McDonald’s. The suspect then turned to point the weapon at the officers and reportedly asked them “Why haven’t you shot me yet?”

The suspect then got into his vehicle and drove over a curb before officers could get back into their vehicle to follow him, according to the Windsor Star.