Thanks, Donald: Trump-Style Scuffle Breaks Out At Cruz Rally (VIDEO)

The kind of scuffle that has become a mainstay of Donald Trump rallies broke out at Ted Cruz event in Indiana Tuesday, according to a video posted by NBC News.

A man who appeared to be a Trump supporter interrupted Cruz’s remarks by shouting and taking off his shirt.

Cruz tried to calmly dismiss his protests.

“It’s always nice that you have one Donald Trump supporter who comes in and disrupts,” Cruz said. “One of the things that Mr. Trump doesn’t understand is the first amendment gives everyone the right to speak, but it doesn’t give you the right to disrupt.”

As the crowd began to boo, Cruz cautioned, “Treat him with respect. Everyone keep your hands off of him.”

But at that point the protestor and at least one or two audience members scuffled briefly, as security came to escort the protestor out.

“If this was a Trump rally, I would be encouraging people to punch him. Instead, I am encouraging people to treat him with respect, with civility,” Cruz said.

Watch the video below: