Trump Praises African Leader After Uproar Over ‘Shithole’ Comments

AFP/Getty Images

After President Donald Trump called African nations “shithole countries” earlier this month, he attempted to make peace while in Switzerland Friday.

Trump met with the head of the African Union and said it was “great honor” to meet Rwandan President Paul Kagame. He tweeted saying the two had “many great discussions!”

While the African Union, a 55-member continental body, condemned Trump’s comments earlier this month, the two did not mention the President’s remarks during their brief discussion, which reportedly focused primarily on economics and trade issues, according to the Associated Press.

Kagame told the AP that the discussion was “good” and that the African Union is “looking forward to working with the United States.”

The President’s remarks during an immigration discussion were leaked to the media earlier this month and sparked global furor. Several foreign governments summoned their U.S. ambassadors to explain the “shithole” remark, which pushed the State Department to give diplomats guidance on how to affirm the United States’ commitment to their host countries.