VIDEO: Trump Calls Clinton ‘Such A Nasty Woman’ In Nasty Aside


After nine women came forward accusing Trump of sexual assault, it was inevitable that in Wednesday’s final presidential debate, Donald Trump was going to be playing defense regarding questions about his treatment of women.

“Nobody has more respect for women than I do,” Trump said during the debate, noting that he had not apologized to Melania Trump because there was nothing to apologize for.

But Trump couldn’t hold it together.

Toward the end of the debate, moderator Chris Wallace asked a question about entitlement programs adding to the national debt. Clinton began to outline her plan to raise taxes on the wealthy to fund Social Security, and baited Trump with an answer that poked at tax returns showing he went years without paying taxes.

“My Social Security payroll contribution will go up, as will Donald’s — assuming he can’t figure out how to get out of it,” she said.

Trump took the bait and immediately interjected, staring into the camera: “Such a nasty woman” as Clinton continued talking.

The moment immediately spawned social media activity with women declaring themselves “nasty women.”

Ironically, this is the same day that CNN’s KFile unearthed a 2008 video from NY1 in which Donald Trump said Clinton would go down in history as a great senator who was “wonderful,” “very smart” and “very tough.”

Watch the moment unfold here: