Trump Retweets Fox News Report Citing Anonymous Intel Sources

Alex Brandon/AP

President Donald Trump, who constantly rants about “leakers” and warns his Twitter followers to be wary of anonymous sources, on Tuesday morning retweeted a Fox News report that cited anonymous intelligence community officials.

The report promoted by the “Fox and Friends” Twitter account cited unnamed U.S. officials with knowledge of intelligence in North Korea who said that spy agencies detected North Korea loading missiles onto a patrol boat.

It also appears that the report contained classified information. During an interview Tuesday morning on “Fox and Friends,” the hosts asked UN Ambassador Nikki Haley about the report. She would not discuss the report and indicated that it contained classified information.

“I can’t talk about anything that’s classified. And if that’s in the newspaper, that’s a shame,” Haley said.

After retweeting the report, Trump published his own tweet about addressing North Korea’s potential nuclear capabilities.

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