Donald Trump Deletes Tweet With Huge Factual Error


Either Donald Trump is having second thoughts about a political endorsement or he’s once again struggling to accept that he’s been proven wrong.

The smart money is on the latter, unless the reality television star had a sudden and inexplicable change of heart about Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR).

What seems more likely is that the famously narcissistic Trump deleted a tweet in which he trumpeted his support for Cotton in the Arkansas Senate race to expunge a glaring factual error.

“A vet and a Rhodes Scholar, @TomCottonAR will be a strong Senator. A man of integrity dedicated to liberty. AR, vote Cotton in November!” Trump wrote Thursday on Twitter.

Cotton was not actually a Rhodes Scholar, and Trump’s claim was debunked with minimal legwork.

The original tweet, like Trump’s self-inflated presidential campaign, lingered for awhile despite widespread ridicule. At some point on Friday, the tweet was deleted.

Fortunately, TPM preserved it for posterity.