Trump Continues Tirade Against Charles Koch With Jab At His Election Donations


President Donald Trump continued his fusillade of tweets insulting billionaire Charles Koch after Koch critiqued Trump’s tariffs as “unfair” and “ridiculous.”

Trump’s first attack on the libertarian brothers came Tuesday when he called them a “total joke” and dismissed the massive fundraising they’ve done for Republicans of all stripes over the years.

While talking to reporters on Sunday, Koch expanded on some of the displeasure with the Trump administration brought up during the donor meeting last weekend.

“This is ridiculous, we should just get rid of all barriers except on things that will hurt people,” Koch said of Trump’s trade policies, per an ABC report. “Yeah, it’s unfair. It’s unfair to their people,” Koch said of countries hurt by the tariffs.

He added that he has “no idea” if they will trigger a U.S. recession, saying that “it depends on the degree. If it’s severe enough, it could.”