New Clinton Fundraising Tool Auto-Donates Every Time Trump Tweets

Hillary Clinton has a potentially expensive proposition for her most committed fans: Donate every time Trump tweets.

The Clinton campaign’s new online tool, Troll Trump, asks supporters to “Show Donald that his unhinged rhetoric comes at a cost. Sign up to donate to Hillary’s campaign every time Donald tweets!”

Donors can use the tool to select a contribution amount and have it automatically deducted every time Trump tweets.

“Are you shocked every time Donald Trump decides to hop on Twitter?” an email announcing the tool asks. “Annoyed every time cable news breaks in with an alert for each new tweet? You’re not alone!”

Clinton has run what could turn out to be the most expensive presidential campaign in American history. In September, the campaign’s most successful fundraising month to date, Clinton raised $154 million, of which her campaign will receive $80 million and the Democratic National Committee and affiliated groups will receive $74 million, according to CBS News.

Her campaign began the month of October with $150 million cash on hand, according to the same report.