Trevor Noah To Christie: ‘I Felt You Were Talking To Me’ About Visa Program (VIDEO)

“The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” hosted its first presidential candidate at its world news headquarters in New York on Wednesday: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R).

“You were talking about people and their visas,” said Noah, a South African. “And they shouldn’t overstay their time in the U.S. I felt you were talking to me personally because that happened one time.”

Christie, who received pushback when he first unveiled the plan, expanded on the FedEx-like tracking system he’s proposed.

“Give a thumbprint when you come in, goes in a database,” Christie said of those entering the country on limited-stay visas like a student or tourist visa. “When you have to access certain services in the country, give your thumbprint again.”

When Noah pointed out to Christie that his plan is estimated to cost $7 billion to overhaul the system at the airports, Christie had a cost-comparison.

“It’s a lot less expensive than a 2,000-mile wall across the southern border,” Christie said, referencing Donald Trump’s plan for a beautiful wall.

Watch the interview, from Comedy Central, below: