Boy Pointing Toy Gun Out Window Causes 3-Car Crash In Wisconsin


Two people were hurt Tuesday evening in a three-vehicle crash that was caused by a boy pointing a toy gun out of a car window, Madison, Wisconsin TV station WKOW reported.

One of the drivers involved told investigators that she hit her brakes on a highway near Milton, Wis. when she saw a boy lean out of the window of a car in front of hers, aiming what she believed to be a gun back at her. A car following that woman was unable to stop and rear-ended her car before swerving into the opposite lane, where it hit an SUV head-on and caused it to roll over, according to WKOW.

Rock County Sheriff’s Capt. Judy Maurer told the news station that the gun the woman saw was actually an Airsoft pellet gun, which is a toy. Authorities found the 11-year-old’s family at a campground after an investigation, and the boy’s grandmother, who had been driving, said she had no idea there had been an accident.

The two people who were hurt in the crash were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, according to WKOW. The sheriff’s office was asking juvenile authorities to compel the boy to serve probation for disorderly conduct.

It was also a pellet gun that a 13-year-old California boy was carrying when he was killed by a sheriff’s deputy last October in Northern California. The deputy had mistaken the boy’s toy for an actual assault rifle.