The Most Incredible Footage From Oklahoma Tornado (VIDEOS)

A devastating tornado that swept through suburban Oklahoma City on Monday generated unthinkable damage and horrifying footage. TPM compiled some of the most extraordinary videos of the deadly storm.


Recording from a distance, this group captured the surreal sight of debris — including rooftops — being tossed aimlessly, as well as the otherwordly noise emanating the twister. “I’ve never heard roar like that before,” remarked the videographer:


This brief video was shot from the parking lot of a local Kentucky Fried Chicken by a cook at the restaurant. “Probably not the best thing to do, but I did it,” he told NBC News:


A time-lapse video, via NBC, tracks the tornado’s path of destruction:

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This collection of footage provides multiple perspectives of the storm:


This video appears to show the storm losing power, as the twister can be seen dissipating from a distance: