‘The Daily Show’ Expresses Sympathy For ‘Mrs. Pat Robertson’ (VIDEO)

Ahead of the Supreme Court’s forthcoming decisions on gay rights, interim host John Oliver reviewed the recent policy shift by the Boy Scouts of America during Thursday night’s broadcast of “The Daily Show.”

The BSA last month reversed its longstanding ban on openly gay youth, but continued to prohibit gay adults from serving in leadership positions.

“So, they’re happy to welcome anyone with homosexual thoughts up until the age when they’re old enough to act on them,” Oliver mused. 

But the decision by the BSA still drew the ire of many conservatives, namely televangelist and ardent gay rights opponent Pat Robertson. Robertson lamented earlier this week that the organiation’s proud tradition had been “torn up in order to accomodate a few kids that, you know, wanna do sex with each other.”

“Do sex? That phrase is just the latest reason that I feel incredibly sorry for Mrs. Pat Robertson,” Oliver said.