Tesla Motors Model S EV Named Automobile Magazine’s 2013 Auto Of The Year

Tesla Motors Model S Sedan, the all-electric vehicle developed by Elon Musk and company, has won Automobile Magazine’s highest honor: The 2013 Automobile of the Year, the magazine announced on Thursday (to be quickly retweeted by Musk). Automobile Magazine’s associated editor David Zenlea explained in a lengthy article/review how Tesla’s dark horse Model S all electric sedan beat out all of the other competitors, including every gasoline-driven car up for contention, running over the magazine staff’s skepticism. As Zenlea wrote:

We weren’t expecting much from the Tesla other than some interesting dinner conversation as we considered “real” candidates like the Subaru BRZ and the Porsche Boxster. In fact, the Tesla blew them, and us, away.


Actually, the Model S can blow away almost anything. “It’s the performance that won us over,” admits editor-in-chief Jean Jennings. “The crazy speed builds silently and then pulls back the edges of your face. It had all of us endangering our licenses.”

 Tesla’s Model S, which can be reserved online now although there’s a huge backlog of thousands of orders awaiting delivery, also won Yahoo Autos Car of the Year for 2013. 

(H/T: Hacker News Y Combinator