Ted Nugent Says Dinner With Trump Went Great For ‘The WhackMaster’

Dan Cepeda/The Casper Star-Tribune

Conservative rocker and National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent on Thursday promised that President Donald Trump will “yank the status quo noose from our collective necks” by supporting hunting.

“I’m radical. Who doesn’t know that? I not only kill my families’ food with sharp sticks, I dare to celebrate and promote it everywhere I go in this otherwise world of sappy political correctness,” Nugent wrote in a post on Deer & Deer Hunting that only got more vehement from there.

Nugent visited the White House for dinner with Trump on Wednesday night at the invitation of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R), accompanied by his wife Shemane Nugent, as well as Trump supporter and musician Kid Rock and his fiancée Audrey Berry.

In the post, Nugent referred to himself in the third person as “Deer & Deer Hunting’s most popular blogger,” “a genuine take-no-crap representative of our beloved deerhunting lifestyle” and “The WhackMaster.” He described Shemane Nugent as his “lovely Queen of the Forest wife.”

Nugent wrote that he was “aglow with truth, logic and commonsense oozing from every pore” at the prospect of dining with Trump, and promised that “the prognosis for hunter’s rights has never been better.”

“Yanking the status quo noose from our collective necks may very well be the coolest thing Americans have ever done this side of meeting the Red Coats at the Old North Bridge in Concord and blowing their brains out when they dared to come take our guns,” he wrote, but noted: “We didn’t actually confirm that I will be organizing annual deerhunts at Camp David.”