GOP Senators Are No Longer Annoyed By Ted Cruz


During his wild first year in office, Sen Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) ended up even rubbing some of his Republican colleagues the wrong way.

But Cruz has evidently made amends, according to a story Tuesday in Politico.

Sen. John McCain (R-TX) tore Cruz apart last year for waging a headline-grabbing campaign to defund Obamacare that led to the government shutdown.

But now McCain tells Politico that the freshman senator is “cooperative” (although McCain said Cruz still hasn’t owned up to causing the shutdown).

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) lit into Cruz for the government shutdown during a closed-door meeting last year, but Ayotte said everything has been hunky-dory since then.

“He and I have been very collegial since that point,” Ayotte said of Cruz.

Ayotte and other GOP senators demanded in the private meeting that Cruz renounce attacks on Republicans from an outside conservative group, presumably the Senate Conservatives Fund.

Cruz refused to disavow the attacks on Republican senators at the time, but detente has since been reached. Politico reported that he’s given assurances to colleagues that he won’t “raise money for a conservative group attacking GOP senators.”