Tea Party Candidate Tells 911 Campaign Operative Is ‘Stalking’ Him

A congressional tea party candidate called 911 on a tracker who had been following him on Monday.

The candidate, tea partier Art Halvorsen, called 911 on the video tracker who had been following him as he went to a meeting with reporters on Monday, according to Politico.

Halvorsen, who is running for Rep. Bill Shuster’s (R-PA) seat, told the 911 dispatcher that the tracker was “stalking” him in the lobby of Politico’s building. The tracker left after roughly ten minutes while Halvorsen was waiting for the police to come. The tracker, according to Politico, said he had gotten all the video footage he needed.

“Stalking — the definition is if you tell somebody that you’re uncomfortable, that you don’t want them to do it, they’re supposed to stop. That’s the rules we apply in the military with respect to harassment,” Halvorsen told Politico.

The video tracker only said his name was Travis and that he was working for American Horizon. Politico noted though that there is no American Horizon listed either on OpenSecrets.org or the Federal Election Commission website.

(Photo credit: Art Halvorsen for Congress)