Tagg Romney Slams ‘Lib Media’ For Mocking George Romney On ‘Mad Men’

Tagg Romney, is a mad man. The son of Mitt, Tagg took to Twitter on Monday to condemn the “lib media” for a passing line by a character in AMC’s 1960s drama “Mad Men” about his grandfather, George Romney. 

“Seriously, lib media mocking my dead grandpa?” Romney wrote, citing a quote from the episode by a fictional character, Henry Francis, who works for Republican mayor John Lindsay in the series’ universe. In the episode in question, Francis says on the phone that “Romney’s a clown and I don’t want [Lindsay] standing next to him.”

Tagg Romney continued: “George Romney was as good a man I’ve ever known. Inspirational leader, worked for civil rights, promoted freedom. We need more like him.”