Support For Health Care Law Drops In New Gallup Poll


Support for the health care law dropped in the latest Gallup poll released Thursday, likely due to increasing reports of people losing their individual marketplace insurance plans.

Only 40 percent of those surveyed approved of Obamacare, while 55 percent disapproved of the law, the largest gap Gallup has found in the last year.

Polls through the end of October found that people were largely unfazed by the federal health insurance exchange website’s glitchy rollout.

A Gallup poll conducted Oct. 26-28 found that 44 percent approved of the law and 47 percent disapproved. And a Gallup poll conducted Oct. 18-20 found that 45 percent approved of the law and 50 percent disapproved. These numbers reflect a general trend Gallup found in polling between December 2012 and Ocober 2013.

The most recent Gallup survey found that drop in support for Obamacare may be attributed to reports that millions of Americans with health insurance under the individual marketplace are losing their insurance under the new law, despite a promise from President Obama that everybody could keep their current plan.

According to Gallup, 11 percent of Americans who disapproved of the law said that they lost their insurance, and 7 percent of those who disapproved said that Obama lied about the health care law.

Gallup surveyed 1,039 adults Nov. 7-10 via phone with a margin of error plus or minus four percentage points.