Colbert Demolishes Sarah Palin’s New Media Venture (VIDEO)

It’s easy enough to mock Sarah Palin’s new eponymous online video channel, but Stephen Colbert took the Palin-trolling a step further on Tuesday by announcing he bought

That domain could quite easily be mistaken for, where the former Republican vice presidential nominee launched an online community for news and videos of her family’s Alaskan adventures alike.

“This is all part of Sarah’s continuing mission to protect our freedoms at any cost, specifically $9.95 a month,” Colbert quipped. “Sure, that’s more than Netflix, but it’s just as good as ‘House of Cards’ with even more threatening monologues into camera.” calls itself “The only Sarah Palin Channel on the internet with a definite article in the address!” and redirects lost Palin fans to a “The Colbert Report” segment on her 2011 PAC-funded bus tour.

Watch below, courtesy of Comedy Central: