Colbert: Not Even Michelle Obama Is Paying Attention To The Midterms (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert said on Monday night’s “The Colbert Report” that along with autumn comes the most tedious seasonal chore of them all: “covering the midterm elections.”

“It’s like watching people dry,” Colbert said, referring to the age of many members of Congress.

During his coverage of the elections, Colbert noted that Democrats were employing a unique campaign strategy: they’re drawing a line between themselves and their “arch nemesis,” Barack Obama.

Colbert said that since Democratic candidates in the most competitive states don’t “want President Barack Obama anywhere near them,” the First Lady, also known as “the popular Obama,” has been hitting the campaign trail instead.

He then played a clip of Michelle Obama endorsing “Bruce Bailey” for U.S. Senate — although the candidate’s actual name is Bruce Braley.

“Folks, this just proves that even the First Lady isn’t paying attention to the midterms,” Colbert said.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Comedy Central: