Colbert Agrees With Trump On Ebola: Good Samaritans Have It Coming

Stephen Colbert discussed Donald Trump, Ebola and how “the plague has spread so far” during Thursday night’s episode of “The Colbert Report.”

Pointing to the two American health workers who were evacuated to the United States for emergency medical treatment at Emory University, Colbert was quick to note: “To add to the horror, Emory is in Atlanta so they probably had to fly Delta!”

The way in which Ebola is spread “through intimate contact with bodily secretions such as vomit, blood or feces” led Colbert to his next topic. “Speaking of vomit, blood and feces…Donald Trump.”

Colbert agreed with Trump’s logic that people have to suffer the consequences of their good deeds, as the real estate mogul posted on his Twitter account last week. “That’s why Mother Theresa’s tombstone reads ‘She had it coming.'”

After going further down the proverbial rabbit-hole of responses to Ebola, Colbert had one final message for Americans.

“It is clear that we only have one chance to stop this spreading panic. We must isolate the source of the outbreak: our imagination.”

Watch below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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