Stephen Colbert Has Better Trump Insults For You (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert said on Thursday’s “Late Show” that he could barely sit through the three-hour presidential debate, but it didn’t stop him from giving Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul a list of better insults to frontrunner Donald Trump.

Paul criticized Trump for “sophomoric” insults about fellow candidates’ appreances early in the debate. Trump countered with: “I never attacked him or his looks, and believe me, there’s plenty of subject matter right there.”

Paul didn’t have a great response, but Colbert came up with some zingers for him.

“That’s a good dig from a man who looks like a microwaved circus peanut,” Colbert said. “Like a honey-glazed tiger testicle. Like a catheter bag full of candy corn. See you on the 22nd, sir!”

Trump will be interviewed by Colbert next week.

Watch Colbert’s coverage of the second debate, from CBS, below: