Don’t Worry, Christie: Shaq’s Still Got Your Back (VIDEO)

Shaquille O’Neal has a history of being a bit fickle. One day he’s asking Kobe Bryant (via freestyle rap) how his “ass tastes,” then he’s praising his former teammate as the greatest player to ever play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

But when it comes to Chris Christie, Shaq is as unmovable as he was when he posted up stiffs like Matt Geiger in 2001.

The future hall-of-famer told TMZ he buys Christie’s insistence that he had no idea one of his closest aides helped engineer a traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge last year.

“In his statement he said he was unaware of anybody being involved in something like this and I believe him,” O’Neal said.

“The unfortunate thing about being a leader is that, you know, when you’re on a team and your teammate makes a wrong decision, it’s all gonna come back on you,” he added.

So there you have it: Bridget Kelly is just a regular Glen “Big Baby” Davis.

A Newark, N.J. native, O’Neal starred in a campaign ad last year in support of Christie’s re-election bid.