Sen. Vitter’s Office Pens ‘Top Ten’ List Why Shutdown ‘Isn’t All Bad’


The Republican minority for the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on Tuesday published a “Top Ten” list of reasons of why the government shutdown, which after 15 days has left hundreds of thousands of workers furloughed, “isn’t all bad.”

The list highlights ranking member David Vitter’s (R-LA) work to curtail the regulatory work of the Environmental Protection Agency, among other things.

In true David Letterman fashion, who popularized the “Top Ten” list format on his late night show, the minority caps off the list as such:

And the number 1 reason the government shutdown isn’t all bad…


1. Richard Windsor has been furloughed-for good!

“Richard Windsor,” the now infamous email alias for former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, has been touted by the Administration as an example of standard procedure for high level employees. As it would turn out, from 2009 to 2012, EPA awarded ethics certificates to the employee “Richard Windsor” who was also described as a top student in the Agency’s ethical-behavior class. Click here to read more.