Second Activist In McConnell Tape Case: ‘I Have No Statement’

Curtis Morrison is the person being blamed most directly for the Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) secret tape case. He’s also the one staying quietest for now. 

TPM made several attempts to contact Morrison on Thursday. Then Thursday night, after speaking to a lawyer representing Shawn Reilly, the other man whose name has surfaced in the case, TPM sent Morrison a text message, asking him for response to the news that Reilly’s lawyer had claimed to have given authorities evidence to help “locate” Morrison.

“I have no statement, but thx for head’s up,” Morrison replied. 

Earlier Thursday, Jacob Conway, a low-level Democratic Party official in Jefferson County, Ky., told media outlets that both Reilly, the executive director of the Democratic super PAC Progress Kentucky, and Morrison, an activist, journalist, and former Progress Kentucky volunteer, had admitted to him that they were the source of the recordings Mother Jones magazine published earlier this week. The audio recorded was of a Feb. 2 private strategy session in which McConnell and aides discussed their then-potential opponent, Ashley Judd.

Thursday evening, Reilly’s attorney, Ted Shouse, told TPM that his client was merely a “witness” to the incident and has been cooperating with the federal investigation into the matter. 

“We think Mr. Conway has mischaracterized and misrepresented what went down,” Shouse said. 

Morrison did not responded to a follow-up message from TPM.