Hannity Tears Into Jon Stewart For Calling Him ‘Hypocritical’ On Bundy Ranch

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Sean Hannity is a little miffed that Jon Stewart mocked him for supporting Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his supporters.

The Fox News host played back Stewart’s segment that sought to portray him as “hypocritical” on the Bundy Ranch standoff on his show Tuesday night, saying the comedian was “kind of obsessed” with his show.

Hannity said that Stewart couldn’t present the facts about Bundy’s conflict with the Bureau of Land Management correctly because he and Comedy Central “are kind of the chief apologists for the Obama administration.”

“Can I make my position any more clear to Mr. Stewart?” he said. “I stand for proportionality. What I do not stand are 200 armed federal agents and snipers pointing their guns at the Bundy family and their supporters.”

He then wondered if Stewart, a “devout law-and-order type of guy,” shared the views of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, who both compared the Bundy ranch supporters to domestic terrorists.

Following that line of thinking, he criticized the comedian for not asking President Barack Obama about his friendship with Weather Underground member Bill Ayers during interviews and for including musician Cat Stevens, who endorsed a fatwa on novelist Salman Rushdie, in his 2010 Rally to Restore Sanity on the National Mall.

“The more I think about it, I guess I can’t expect a comedic hack and his army of writers — I can’t take them too seriously,” Hannity said.

Mediaite has video of the segment.

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Notable Replies

  1. Astounding in his lack of self awareness. Next time you get robbed Hannity, it will just be the guy exercising his right to liberate your stuff because he doesn’t recognize the laws as valid .

  2. Stewart and many others usually love people who ignore federal law and refuse to budge when told to. That’s why so many illegal aliens are still here and more are coming.

    But just let one American Rancher stand up to the feds to protect his family business, and feds call out the snipers.

    How messed up is that?

  3. OK, so here is how Hannity thinks:

    1. Harry Reid said that the Bundy supporters – who pointed guns and threatened to shoot United States law enforcement officials – to domestic terrorists.
    2. Therefore, Jon Stewart – who made no such statement – should have gone back in time to ask President Barack Obama about his relationship with a 60s radical that had already been covered in the press during an election two years previous.
    3. Profit!
  4. Huh? The rancher [quote=“Santiago6, post:3, topic:2090”]
    (stood) up to the feds to protect his family business, and feds call out the snipers.[/quote]?

    He refused to pay grazing fees for using public lands – that’s lands you and I and all other Americans own together – that everyone else pays, and when the government came out to impound the cows that were illegally grazing on our land Bundy and his friends came out and pointed guns at the law enforcement officer.

    That’s like a car dealer parking his inventory in the local Little League field’s parking lot so no one else can park there, then threatening to shoot the local cops when they come to tow the cars away to the impound lot.

    Bundy could have paid less than $4K a year and there would have been no issue. That’s a flipping bargain for grazing rights to the land, but he refused to pay it because he wanted to graze as many cattle as he wanted on lands he didn’t own.

    I fail to see how ANYONE can defend that.

  5. The American Rancher you’re talking about recruited a large number of heavily armed insurrectionists to protect his sacred right to steal from the American taxpayers and retain an unfair competitive advantage over neighboring ranchers who actually obey the law and pay their grazing fees (which are, incidentally, ridiculously lower than grazing fees charged by private landowners).

    But argle bargle scary brown people blargh so let’s troll out praise for the thief.

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