Scandal-Plagued Rep. DesJarlais Wins GOP Primary With 38 Votes


Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN) has won the Republican nomination for Congress by a slim 38 votes, defeating challenger state Sen. Jim Tracy.

The Associated Press reported Monday that DesJarlais won by the slim victory. Tracy does not plan to contest the results and concede the race to DesJarlais.

The race had been extremely tight and after election night the two candidates had been separated by just a few votes, as few as 35 at times.

DesJarlais was the socially conservative congressman who was at the center of a 2012 scandal involving him pushing his mistress, who was his patient at the time, to seek an abortion.

After election night in the primary a recount seemed a possibility and that the race, which wasn’t called that night, could easily flip to Tracy.

Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District is not expected to fall into Democratic control so DesJarlais is extremely likely to cruise through the general election and stay in Congress.