Sanders Says Trump Aide Put Reporter ‘In His Place’ By Haranguing Him On Air

Susan Walsh/AP

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Wednesday yukked it up with Fox News star Sean Hannity about a particularly contentious exchange between a CNN reporter and White House aide who harangued him from the briefing room podium.

Hannity asked Sanders about White House aide Stephen Miller’s appearance at the beginning of her press briefing earlier in the day, when he “faced off with fake news’ CNN’s Jim Acosta,” according to Hannity.

“So what’s it like to take on members of an abusively biased press, fake news, every single day?” Hannity said. “I doubt CNN’s going to run that exchange with Stephen Miller today.”

CNN broadcast the exchange between Acosta and Miller during the White House briefing on Wednesday. The network continued to broadcast one notable remark of Miller’s, when he accused Acosta of “cosmopolitan bias,” on Thursday morning.

“They may run an edited version, but my guess is it isn’t the one where Stephen Miller puts him in his place,” Sanders replied with a smile.

“He really does,” Hannity chortled.

When Miller returned control of the briefing to Sanders on Wednesday, he joked, “I think that went exactly as planned.  I think that was what Sarah was hoping would happen.”

“Thank you, Stephen,” Sanders replied. “Thank you.  That was exciting.”