Married Same-Sex Couples In Utah Can File Joint Tax Returns For 2013


The Utah Tax Commission on Wednesday announced that same-sex couples who were married before the end of the year can file joint state tax returns for 2013.

The commission in its tax notice said that the Supreme Court did not issue its stay on a federal court’s decision to strike down the same-sex marriage ban in the state until 2014, allowing couples to file joint returns in 2013.

When the Supreme Court halted gay marriage in Utah, officials announced that recognition of same-sex marriages in the state was “on hold.” The state did not invalidate the marriage licenses and told county clerks to process same-sex marriages that had already been performed.

In the same statement, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes said he would work with state agencies to determine specific policies.

The federal government decided to recognize same-sex marriages performed in Utah before the Supreme Court put gay marriage there on hold.

Read the Tax Commission notice:

Utah Tax Commission 2013 Notice For Same-Sex Couples

[H/t Ben Winslow, Fox 13 News]