Ryan Calls Obama’s Contraception Shift An ‘Accounting Gimmick,’ ‘Fig Leaf’

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) dismissed the notion that President Obama’s shift on contraception is a compromise — the latest of many signs that Reublicans are going all in against the rule.

The exchange Sunday on ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos”:

STEPHANOPOULOS:  I know you’re opposed to the compromise the president announced this week on this contraception coverage, but do you have the votes in the House to block it?

RYAN:  Absolutely, we do.  Look, to paraphrase the bishops’ letter, this thing is a distinction without a difference.  It’s an accounting gimmick or a fig leaf.  It’s not a compromise.  The president’s double-down.

What I see here in this whole episode, George, is it’s a real teachable moment for America in two ways.  Number one, they’re treating our constitutional First Amendment rights as revocable privileges from our government, not as an inalienable rights from our creator.  And number two, if this is what the president’s willing to do in a tough election year, imagine what he will do in implementing the rest of his health care law after an election.