Rand Paul’s Brother: Ron And Rand Have Same Philosophical Views


Ronnie Paul, Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) older brother, said recently that there’s “no difference” between Rand and his father, Ron Paul, philosophically — just when it comes to “implementation.”

Libertarian podcaster Israel Anderson asked Ronnie Paul if Rand and his father were the same, according to an audio recording highlighted by Buzzfeed News on Saturday.

Ronnie explained that the father and son have the same libertarian goal, but approach that goal differently.

“Basically, if we’re both going the same place, you may have a favorite way to get there and I may have a little different way to get there. We both are going to the same place,” Ronnie Paul said. “So they’ve taken different paths. Do you take little pieces at a time? Do you try for the whole thing at one time?”

“The path is a little different. The end goal without a doubt is the same,” Ronnie Paul continued.

Anderson then asked if Rand and Ron Paul had the same philosophical views.

“The difference is purely in implementation,” Ronnie Paul said. “If you had a philosophical discussion on what the world should look like, there would be no difference.”