Ron Johnson: State Health Insurance Exchanges ‘Useable’


Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) said Monday that he is not opposed to state health insurance exchanges, despite his desire to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“Am I opposed to state-based exchanges? No,” Johnson told the National Review. “It may be that they can be usable.”

Johnson said that Republicans need to move past their push to repeal Obamacare and come up with tangible solutions.

“We’ve got to start talking about transitioning,” he said. “Yeah, you can get rid of the law, but what do you do with what’s already there?”

Johnson told National Review that his plan would take into account the structures already put in place by the health care law, such as the exchanges.

“I’m all for repeal,” he said. “but it’s there. What do you do with what’s there? . . . .We’ve got to start talking about the reality of the situation.”

[H/t Huffington Post]