Romney Campaign Sends E-Mail To Press On MItt’s Quote About Firing People

Mitt Romney communications director Gail Gitcho sent an e-mail to reporters on Monday, detailing the transcripts of Mitt Romney’s potentially damaging quote, “I like being able to fire people who provide services to me,” in which Romney was referring to the individual’s freedom to pick an insurance company.

Gitcho writes, with emphasis in the original:

Please take a moment and review the transcripts and videos from today’s event. Our opponents are taking Gov. Romney’s comments completely out of context. Governor Romney was talking about firing insurance companies if you don’t like their service. That is something that most Americans agree with.

President Obama and Obamacare reinforce a system where Americans can’t fire their insurance companies, even if they want to. Mitt Romney disagrees with that. He believes Americans should be able to fire their insurance companies if they don’t like the service they receive. Free enterprise is being put on trial by President Obama. And their first witness is Newt Gingrich