Romney Camp Touts Bump Since Ryan Pick

The addition of Paul Ryan to the Republican presidential ticket has resulted in a positive impact on fundraising, grassroots activity and polling, Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades contends in a memo released Friday.

In the memo, Rhoades highlights the campaign’s online fundraising haul since Ryan was announced as Mitt Romney’s running mate last week.  The campaign has generated more than $10 million in online donations, with as much as $7.4 million raised in the three days following the Ryan selection.  Moreover, Rhoades points to a spike in online traffic on the campaign’s website, Twitter feed and Facebook page as evidence that Ryan has energized voters.

Rhoades also argues that the Republican ticket has seen a bump in the polls over the last week, underscoring gains made in Gallup’s daily tracking polls and a survey from Purple Strategies that showed Romney and Ryan narrowly outperforming President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in swing states.