Rick Warren: Contraception Mandate Like Making A Jewish Deli Sell Pork

Requiring employers to provide insurance covering contraception is no different than forcing a Jewish deli to sell pork, evangelical Christian pastor and bestselling author Rick Warren said Wednesday.

“I don’t have a problem personally with contraception but I support anybody’s right to not have to pay for it if they don’t believe in it,” Warren said on HuffPost Live.

“That’s what I support. That’s called freedom of speech. In other words, if all of a sudden they made a law that said every Jewish deli in Manhattan has to start selling pork, I would be out there with the rabbis protesting that. Why? I don’t have a problem with pork, but I believe in your right to not have to sell pork if it’s not in your faith.”

The Supreme Court will take up a challenge to the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate, a move that has progressives concerned.