Dem: Republicans Would Support Abortion ‘If Their Daughter Got Pregnant By A Black Man’


A Democratic lawmaker in Alabama on Tuesday claimed that Republicans who oppose abortion would be supportive of the procedure “if their daughter got pregnant by a black man,” according to the Birmingham News.

State Rep. Alvin Holmes (D) made the comment in response to Rep. Mary Sue (R), who compared a bill that would ban abortions after the detection of a fetal heartbeat to the landmark Supreme Court case Brown vs. the Board of Education.

“Ninety-nine percent of the all of the white people in here are going to raise their hand that they are against abortion,” Holmes said, according to the News. “On the other hand, 99 percent of the whites that are sitting in here now, if their daughter got pregnant by a black man, they are going to make their daughter have an abortion.”

“They aren’t let her have the baby. Listen, you know the truth sometimes hurts,” he continued. “All this stuff about abortion and this and that — that’s just a con game. That’s for whites, it ain’t for blacks.”

“If you had a daughter and she got pregnant by a black man you let her have the baby? he asked Sue. “I’m asking you.”

“Yes, sir,” she responded.

“Then after the baby’s born what would you do with it?” he inquired.

“Let it run around my living room and enjoy it as my grandchild,” she said.

“Well, I need to commend you then. It wouldn’t be one out of a hundred thousand to do that,” he added.

The bill ultimately passed in the lower chamber, according to the Huffington Post, along with three other anti-abortion measures.

Listen to audio via Birmingham News: