Report: Romney Camp Called Fox News To Complain About Network’s Ohio Projection

After Fox News called Ohio for President Obama, the conservative news network’s phone and inboxes lit up with angry messages from the Romney campaign, complaining that the projection was premature, New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman reports:

Instantly, Fox phones lit up with angry phone calls and e-mails from the Romney campaign, who believed that the call was premature, since tallies in several Republican-leaning Southern counties hadn’t been been fully tabulated. “The Romney people were totally screaming that we’re totally wrong,” one Fox source said. “To various people, they were saying, ‘your decision team is wrong.'” According to a Fox insider, Rove had been in contact with the Romney people all night. After the Ohio call, Rove — whose super-PAC had spent as much as $300 million on the election, to little avail —  took their complaints public, conducting an on-air primer on Ohio’s electoral math in disputing the call.